A Guide to Continuous Improvement

by Continuous Improvement

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released June 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Continuous Improvement Connecticut

This is Continuous Improvement!
CT Power Punk

Paul Steller
Alex Katz
Shiraz Dhume

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Track Name: You Can Do This
It's your life, take control
You visualize your own goals
When you feel so alone, your friends are always your home
You will find, when you strive, you'll find your way to survive
No back down, no give in, this time we're playing to win

You can do this by yourself, you can take control of your own life
You will fix your problems, you can't succeed if you don't try


You can do whatever you want
It just takes some time to realize
You gotta put yourself forward
Life is a continuous improvement of your body and mind


You know that you are alive

Track Name: I Love My Friends
I know it's so hard, but you can't let this destroy your whole life
You gotta hold on, and I know things will never be the same
But I hope at least things turn out okay

Find friends in what you want to be
Surround yourself with strength and positivity
When you see yourself in the people that you know
Guarantees that you will never be alone

I am better because of my friends
And they are better because of me
Create the change you want to see
Create the change in you and me

Now and til the end
Now and til the end
I love my friends

Dust away the shades of gray from frozen shaking bones
Balanced on miles of telephone wires above soil steel and stone
Left with the glimmer of hope from being stranded
Heavy hearted but not empty handed
Dust away the shades of gray

An extension of who I am, we exist in the same dimension
Eye to eye succession constantly striving for perfection (never ending)
A reflection of myself, we experience hell but we flip it around
You can never be done, when your working is fun
And everybody is invited to come

Now and til the end
Now and til the end
I love my friends
Track Name: CI
You, you've been fighting for so long, and I can see you've grown tired
We, we're right here by your side helping you to stay strong
And stick to your guns, stick to your mind, stick to your friends
We'll be right here til the end

Continuous Improvement

I refuse to stick my hand out and pick you up, back onto the cold earth
Instead I will get down on the dirt with you, and dig our way out of this hell we have created, til we reach something better
I know we can if we just work together

Positive plans (we're all fighting the same battle)
Are in demand (we're all fighting the same battle)
Setting it straight (we're all fighting the same battle)

Setting out to slay the hate

Positive plans (we fight for change)
Are in demand (we fight for change)
Setting it straight (we fight for change)

Chipping away the pain we're closer every day
Eradicate hate.
Track Name: Move
You will prevail, you will achieve
You will find your own way to succeed
When your hearts in pain, when your minds in doubt
Life has its way of working out

Life has its way of working out

Be your greatest champion
Don't be your enemy, but I know troubled times had sleepless nights
Cause I've had em, yes I've had em, yes I've had em

And self reliance is the only way out. Cause when there are places and times we want to change in our lives, we gotta start moving on.

Start moving on
Start moving on
Track Name: You Are Beautiful
Look at yourself
You are you, you are never anyone else
Those thoughts, those words
Do nothing but to drag you down to the dirt
New point of view, starting today you create a whole new (you)

You are beautiful to me

The way we think, the way we dream
Can recreate what true beauty will mean
Trends fade and go away
But I want you to stay just this way
Your life renewed, they will see what I've always seen in (you)

You are beautiful to me

You are perfect just the way you are

How can you be worthless when you mean so much to me
You don't need someone to tell you what you want to be
This world is yours, you will find out what is right
I will take your hand and I will guide you through the night
Track Name: Your Life
Will you live the life yourself, when you live the life your dealt?

They may be gone but you carry on, live on to thrive
Tears down your face, the pain that won't erase, only shows that you are alive
I know it's so hard to think, but it's not what they want, cause things will get better
You cannot stay like this forever, we will get through this together.

Do you ever feel like there's no going back again?
Do you ever feel like you can't go back?
With time these wounds will heal, you will get your life on track again
You can't ever let your life fade to black.